What Time is it, Summer Time

High School Musical 2 dominated the summer. After the massive hit that was High School Musical, a sequel needed to be made immediately. I of course remember when High School Musical 2 came out as well. Still, I stayed away from the hype. Which was arguably even bigger than the first. In fact, the Disney Channel Original Movie’s premiere had the highest viewership of anything on TV at the time.

Despite its title, High School Musical 2 doesn’t spend much time at high school. Instead school is out for the summer. Set to the beat of the even more infectious song “What time is it?” A song that was so big it reached Billboard success. It’s easily there best song and they put it at the very beginning. Even though they aren’t in school, the entire East High class works things out at Sharpay and Ryan’s country club. Sharpay’s intentions are somewhat more devious this time around. She only wants two things, all things fabulous and for Troy to sing with her instead of Gabriella.

Her plan backfires since nothing could ever pull Troy and Gabriella apart. Except maybe the possibility of being accepted to play basketball at a prestigious college. That’s really the only obstacle in the sequel. While a club talent show is the big climax. Zac Efron actually sings this time and Vanessa Hudgens is much more comfortable in her role. More screen time given to characters like Chad or Ryan is also welcome. High School Musical 2 is just as carefree and energetic as summer should be. “What team?! Wildcats!”

High School Musical 2

“We’ve got to work this out!”

Preceded by: High School Musical & Followed by: High School Musical 3: Senior Year

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