A Night to Remember

High School Musical 3: Senior Year was simply too big to contain on the small screen. After the even bigger success of High School Musical 2, it was clear to Disney that the final installment deserved a theatrical release. Which meant bad news for parents. Since they now had to take their kids to see the movie. My parents were lucky, because not even its big screen status was enough to break me. They take full advantage of the higher budget by immediately showing the sweat on Zac Efron during the big game.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year is as the title suggests, about the last chance East High students have before graduation. Before going to college and possibly parting ways. Troy and Gabriella are closer than ever before, but that big decision gets in the way. It also gets in the way of Troy and Chad’s friendship. They also have prom to think about, but the real focus is on a school musical within a musical of the same name. Sharpay and Ryan are no longer antagonistic because they’re all in this together after all.

It’s just those real world adult decisions that make up the conflict. Although it’s still squeaky clean enough to maintain a G rating. Not even a scandal involving Vanessa Hudgens was enough to distract from it. Everything comes full circle at the end during graduation. When the entire cast sings about the joys of being in a high school musical. High School Musical 3: Senior Year makes me wish my school experience was this much fun. โ€œWhat team?! Wildcats!โ€

High School Musical 3 Senior Year

“I wish my life could be a high school musical!”

Preceded by: High School Musical 2

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