A Bit Rusty

Vacation is not family fun time. It’s every bit the exhausting experience a trip like this would be. Since I watched the entire franchise beforehand, I considered seeing it in theaters. I’m glad I didn’t because most comedies nowadays lack what made classic comedies so good. Vacation is a cross between a remake and a sequel. Only now Rusty Griswold is the focus. Now played by the somewhat more high profile comedian Ed Helms.

Rather than be more unique, Rusty is just a less funny version of his father. Only a lot more lame. His wife is kind of a terrible person, his son is a passive wimp, and his other son is just a bully. This Griswold family lacks the heart that made the original family so likable. Their vacation is exactly the same as the first movie. Walley World is just more advanced and open. Of course Audrey appears for a short while. Now played by comedian Leslie Mann. Chris Hemsworth once again proves to be the funniest guy in the movie playing Audrey’s husband.

Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo also make really cringy cameos that seemed like they were forced to do it. My biggest problem with Vacation however, is what they do with its R rating. Like most modern comedies, they feel excessive swearing, unsexy nudity, gross out humor, and unrealistic violence is the way to go. For that I’m mainly referring to the Christie Brinkley homage. Vacation has its moments, but for the most part it’s an unbearable ride to sit through.

6. vacation

The Griswold’s hit the road

Reboot of: National Lampoon’s Vacation

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