From Nerd to Casanova

The Nutty Professor is the screwball classic from comedy legend Jerry Lewis. A comedian known for his wacky jokes and outlandish style. Although he did several films in his career (many with partner Dean Martin), The Nutty Professor will always be his magnum opus. My mom introduced the movie to us for that very reason. Since it was the version she grew up on.

Professor Julius Kelp is an accident-prone, unattractive, buck-toothed, bespectacled nerd. His goofy voice lead to the creation of Professor Frink on The Simpsons. Jerry Lewis does the perfect amount of physical comedy in Kelp’s attempt at becoming less of a pushover. Despite warnings from his bird Jennifer, Professor Kelp mixes a serum that turns him into a hideous monster… just kidding. He actually turns into the charming crooner Buddy Love. Finally giving him the confidence to pursue his student Stella Purdy. She’s a nice lady, but a college professor dating a student may not work today.

The only problem is Buddy is a rude, manipulative, egomaniac. Yet the kids down at The Purple Pit can’t get enough of him. He’s even asked to perform at the school dance. Which Buddy accepts after humiliating the Dean. It’s of course at the dance where the big secret comes out. For all its hilarious circumstances, Kelp’s final speech about loving yourself is very genuine. If you only see one Jerry Lewis performance, make it The Nutty Professor.


Professor Julius Kelp experiments

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