Facing the Fear

I’ll bet you didn’t know yet another version of The Nutty Professor was made. Well I’m probably one of very few reviewers whose actually heard of the movie. A 2008 direct-to-video computer animated movie about the grandson of Professor Julius Kelp. From all the way back in the 1963 original. No connection to Eddie Murphy. The Nutty Professor (2008) takes Harold Kelp to a futuristic academy attended by robots, aliens, and his grandfather. From there they just redo the serum plot with Harold taking it (only with more extreme sports).

Professor Kelp is also somehow able to become Buddy Love at will. The only part that’s different is something involving a fear monster. Unlike Jimmy Neutron, this computer animated boy genius is neither funny nor interesting. The animation is very poorly rendered and I have serious doubts that its target demographic has ever seen the 60’s classic. I know Drake Bell is willing to do just about anything nowadays, but I have no idea why Jerry Lewis said yes to this. Even if his voice is just as goofy as ever. The Nutty Professor (2008) serves a clear reminder to just watch the original.


Harold Kelp speaks with his Grandfather

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