Ain’t that a Witch

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 has practically nothing to do with The Blair Witch Project. It only exists to profit off the movie’s success. Almost like they were making a completely different movie and slapped Blair Witch 2 onto it. That would make sense considering the “sequel” was rushed out just one year later. The movies title makes no sense either. Since the titular Book of Shadows is literally never brought up once. Instead the focus is on the phenomen sparked by the real life movie The Blair Witch Project. It would be an interesting concept if it wasn’t abandoned within the first few minutes.

The focus is actually on a group of obsessed fans trying to film locations that the movie was set in. Two dull grad students, a weird former psych patient, an annoying Wiccan, and a goth girl who has psychic powers for some reason. People end up dying, but it’s never made clear if a witch is responsible. Along with random shots that make no sense and frantic camera work, Blair Witch 2 isn’t a found footage movie. They actually dropped the very thing that made the original such a success. What Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 amounts to is nothing more than a lazy cash grab that came out way too soon.


The Blair Witch tour observe a grave

Preceded by: The Blair Witch Project & Followed by: Blair Witch

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