Real Spies… Only Smaller

Spy Kids brings the world of international espionage to the playground. On paper a movie about kid spies may sound ridiculous, but it’s actually the highest rated movie of Robert Rodriguez career. Although Rodriguez normally makes extremely violent films like his best friend Quentin Tarantino, Spy Kids was his first of many family friendly films. Such a tonal shift was attributed to his own kids. Whom he loved so much, he decided to make movies for them.

Spy Kids is one of the most fondly remembered movies of my childhood. I even brought it in for my class to watch one time. Spy Kids centers on the Cortez family. Gregorio and Ingrid are secretly spies who now have two kids Carmen and Juni. Carmen is the more adventurous older sister. While Juni is the more timid younger brother. When their parents are captured, it’s up to them to come to the rescue. By using an array of cool gadgets and vehicles. Despite being a kids movie, Rodriguez continued to work with actors he used in his more mature films. Like Antonio Banderas or Danny Trejo.

Oddly enough Trejo’s character Machete was always meant to be an R rated character. While on their mission the villain is seemingly revealed to be a wacky kids show host named Floop. With plans of building an army of robot spy children. He also has an army of thumbs. In the end, the Cortez’s learn the importance of working together as a family. It may seem dated to some, but Spy Kids is still a fun combination of fast paced action and inoffensive comedy.

1. spy kids

The Cortez family fights together

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