The Adventures of the Wishing Rock

Shorts is the first movie I went to the theater to see by myself. My brother did the same thing the previous month, so I scrambled to do the very same. Since Shorts was the next kid friendly Robert Rodriguez project I figured why not. Shorts is, as the title suggests, about a series of shorts. All of which are told completely out of order. With a magical wishing rock being the one thing that connects everything.

Episode Zero: The Blinkers – A quick short about a brother and sister that decide to have a blinking contest that ends up lasting all day. It’s random, but funny.

Episode Two: Alien8ed – The first short introduces everything. The town of Black Falls is run by a company that built a gadget called the Black Box. It can literally transform into any device you want. This short focuses on the unpopular braces wearing kid Toe. With the wishing rock, Toe wishes to have friends. They end up being tiny aliens. Putting him in direct conflict with his bullies Cole and Helvetica. This short proves there’s more randomness to come.

Episode One: The Wishing Rock – The second short tells the origin of the wishing rock. Lug, Laser, and Loogie are three brothers loosely based on Rodriguez own kids. They discover the rock on a boring day. They quickly realize that they can wish for whatever they want. Junkfood, superpowers, whatever. Until its power gets out of hand. This short is creative in a very juvenile way.

Episode Four: Big, Bad, Booger – The third short jumps to a kid named Nose. His father is trying to rid the world of germs, but Nose inadvertently creates a giant booger monster. This short is obviously the grossest and probably my least favorite.

Episode Three: The Miscommunicators – The fourth short follows the parents of Black Falls. Specifically Toe’s parents who work on opposing sides of their company. Toe and Helvetica go to their costume party in hopes of trying to find the rock. This short is the most over-the-top and its once again clear that the adults aren’t trying nearly as hard as the kids.

Episode Five: The End – The final short involves everyone trying to get their hands on the wishing rock. They wish for a bunch of crazy things until they randomly decide to get rid of the rock. This short is full of action, but its hard to say what the point was.

In conclusion, Shorts is a colorful distraction for kids. It’s certainly better than Sharkboy and Lavagirl, but nobody remembers it. Shorts is just a breezy hour and a half for anyone with a short attention span and fondness for kiddie thrills.

5. shorts

Loogie (center), Laser (right), and Lug (left) make a wish

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