Beware the Dog Killer

Under the Silver Lake was a big waste of time on my part. Since I’m such a big fan of the hugely successful horror movie It Follows, I knew I needed to see what followed it. David Robert Mitchell’s third directorial effort became Under the Silver Lake. Instead of another horror movie, it’s a neo-noir mystery. Not something I’d normally see, but I figured I’d give it a shot. Being A24 helped a bit. Then it was pushed back from June, to December, and eventually April. Where it only ran for a few days in select theaters until it was dumped on digital.

When I finally saw the movie on YouTube I realized I wasted my time waiting for it. Like most one-hit directors, Under the Silver Lake suffers from too much confidence in said project. Mitchell probably took the success of It Follows as a sign to make any movie he wanted without question. No matter how bizarre it might be. It’s the biggest problem I have with the film.

Under the Silver Lake sees Andrew Garfield’s character try and solve the mystery of a missing girl that he met the night before. Among other things, he finds out that there are hidden messages in all of pop culture. The overly complicated nature of the mystery, out of nowhere tonal shifts, and casual blasphemy were my biggest turn offs. Not even the promise of nudity was enough of a draw. Really the score, visual style, and old Hollywood feel were the only things that made Under the Silver Lake even a little bit watchable.


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