The Wedgie Dance

The Wild Thornberrys Movie brought Nickelodeon’s jungle series to the big screen. Something I couldn’t have predicted considering the show wasn’t as big as Rugrats. But The Wild Thornberrys did have a loyal fanbase. Myself included. Although I watched it very infrequently and I’m still not sure I’ve seen every episode. In the show, Eliza Thornberry is able to talk to animals.

It’s a secret that she has to keep from her wild family. Her parents Nigel and Marianne shoot a nature show, her sister Debbie is an average teenager, her chimp Darwin is her best friend, and her adopted brother Donnie is the wildest. The Wild Thornberrys Movie takes place between the final 2 seasons. Eliza sets out on a quest to find a kidnapped baby cheetah. The danger of her family’s unconventional jungle life proves too much and she’s sent off to an English boarding school.

If that wasn’t enough to warrant a feature length film, then the reveal of Eliza’s secret is. Finally revealing just how much she relies on her ability to talk to animals. It can’t last, but it does raise the stakes temporarily. The simple jungle adventures of The Wild Thornberrys translate very well as a movie. It even received an Oscar nomination for the song “Father and Daughter.” The Wild Thornberrys Movie proved any Nicktoon could get their chance to shine.

Wild Thornberrys

The Thornberrys

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