Jason in SPACE!

Jason X is what you get when a long running franchise gives up. You get Jason in space! In 2010, Jason is once again alive and now captured by the government in a facility where Camp Crystal Lake used to be. After killing nearly everyone, Jason gets frozen and wakes up in the distant future of 2455. Where he ends up on a spaceship full of soldiers and sexed up teenagers. So basically Jason Takes Manhattan on a spaceship.

Jason X was only made because they needed to keep the character alive before the crossover came out. Setting things in the far future was their only option. It was also the other sequel in the Friday the 13th franchise I looked the most forward to seeing. Unlike the other films, I actually remember when Jason X came out. Seeing the poster for it is how I discovered Jason in the first place. Little did I know it was the 10th movie in the series.

Jason X has the same problems as all the other movies, but with a sci-fi twist. There’s multiple spaceships, a warrior sex robot, healing nanobots, and holograms of naked campers. Jason’s most unique kill involves the use of liquid nitrogen. When his body is blown away, Jason is turned into a cyborg named Uber Jason. SPOILER ALERT! Rowan, who was also frozen in time, is the final girl. To finish him off, Jason is blasted out of the ship and sent hurdling to a second Earth like an asteroid. I wish I was making this up, but that’s why Jason X was destined to fail.

10. Jason X

Jason gets an upgrade

Preceded by: Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday & Followed by: Freddy vs. Jason

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