Freddy’s Coming for You

A Nightmare on Elm Street is the best idea late great director Wes Craven ever had. Having a horror movie centered on nightmares was pure genius. Falling asleep and dreaming are things we all do inevitably. So to think there would be a psychotic killer after you is terrifying. I’ve known about A Nightmare on Elm Street for years, but it was actually my mom who brought it to my attention. As she saw the movie with her friends and it disturbed them. I would go on to have many ironic nightmares myself.

A Nightmare on Elm Street centers on a group of mildly sex-crazed teenagers who live on Elm Street (because every town has an Elm Street). Their lives get significantly worse when their friend Tina dies and the only logical solution is that she was killed in her dream. The one who killed her is Freddy Krueger. One of the most iconic/original horror movie slashers of all time played by Robert Englund. Freddy is different because he uses a bladed glove to kill, wears a striped red and green sweater, a fedora, has a burned face, and actually talks. Which means he can taunt his victims in an occasionally perverted manner.

Freddy also has control of the dream world. He can extend his arms, manipulate the environment (including a bathtub and bed), and morph into objects like a phone or car. The kills are frightening and so is the theme music. The main theme is fine, but I’m mainly referring to the creepy children’s rhyme. SPOILER ALERT! Freddy is defeated by Nancy Thompson. One of the all-time best final girls, because she figures out his weakness. By staying awake long enough to set a trap. This is also famously Johnny Depp’s debut performance as one of Freddy’s victims. A Nightmare on Elm Street is a quintessential slasher movie that made it really hard for us to go back to sleep.

1. A Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddy taunts his victim

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3 thoughts on “Freddy’s Coming for You

      1. I remember my sister waking the whole house one night when she was a teenager screaming that Freddy was coming for her. Absolutely hysterical. I honestly don’t know if she ever watched another Elm Street flick.

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