Mr. Miyagi’s Little Trees

The Karate Kid Part III brought great shame to the martial arts franchise. It’s easily the worst film of the trilogy. So much so that it was nominated for multiple Razzie awards including Worst Picture. The reception was so bad that Ralph Macchio essentially quit the franchise afterwards. Above anything else, the main problem with The Karate Kid Part III is how mean spirited it is. Almost exactly like Rocky V. The plot is practically a rehash of the original. With yet another bully for Daniel to overcome. Daniel is now living with Mr. Miyagi and planning to open a small business with him.

Their second mistake was putting focus on Mr. Miyagi’s love of bonsai trees. Daniel also has yet another love interest after The Karate Kid Part II already gave him a new one. Only new girl Jessica isn’t even single. Things get really bad when sadistic ex-sensei John Kreese swears revenge on Daniel and Mr. Miyagi. He enlists the help of a ponytail wearing wealthy war buddy who manipulates Daniel into leaving Mr. Miyagi. He teaches him strangely brutal Cobra Kai methods that leave him bloody and bruised. Daniel being easily taken advantage of just makes him look like an idiot. He couldn’t be more out of character. Pat Morita is the only bright spot. Aside from him, The Karate Kid Part III is the most embarrassing chapter in the series.

4. The Karate Kid Part III

Daniel fights Barnes

Preceded by: The Karate Kid Part II & Followed by: The Next Karate Kid

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