Exhibit A

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb takes the living museum concept and does something deeper with it. By exploring the origin behind the magical Egyptian tablet that brings everything to life. What more could they do? Battle of the Smithsonian literally brought all the most famous exhibits to life. After deciding to keep the American Museum of Natural History open overnight, everything seems to be going well for Ben Stiller’s Larry Daley. Until the power of the tablet starts to wear off.

So Larry takes Ahkmenrah, Theodore Roosevelt, Sacagawea, Attila the Hun, Jedidiah, Octavius, Dexter the monkey, and a caveman version of himself to the British Museum. Where Ahkmenrah’s parents can hopefully fix the problem with the tablet. Larry’s much older son Nick tags along as well. As far as comedians are concerned, Rebel Wilson is the only new one. Larry doesn’t have a love interest this time after being interested in both a fellow museum employee and a waxed version of Amelia Earhart. Instead Stiller’s caveman doppelgänger gets a comical love interest with Wilson’s British night guard.

Since there’s less of a focus on the exhibits, the only notable one is Sir Lancelot. He gets most of the funny scenes. Including one with unexpected cameos from Hugh Jackman and Alice Eve. The possible loss of the exhibits is surprisingly emotional. Though not as emotional as the real life loss of both Mickey Rooney and Robin Williams. Both of whom passed away before its release. Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb isn’t the most imaginative installment, but it is a satisfying enough conclusion to this fun trip through history.


Larry and company ride the trolly

Preceded by: Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

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