Les Plaisirs Simples de la vie

Amélie is all about the little things. Like peeling off dry glue from your fingers or knocking over a set of dominos. Something that’s currently known as “oddly satisfying.” I’m personally partial to cracking my knuckles. Although they can be a bit tricky to watch at times, I still make an effort to watch foreign films every now and then. Amélie is a French film that reached a universal audience and received 5 Oscar nominations. Becoming so popular in the U.S. that I knew I had to check it out eventually. Amélie Poulain is a bright-eyed young waitress who enjoys life’s simple pleasures. Her pleasures include sticking her hand into bags of grain and cracking crème brûlée with a teaspoon.

When she discovers a 40 year old box full of childhood treasures, Amélie makes it her life’s mission to find whoever it belongs to. Which leads her down an even greater path towards improving the lives of everyone around her. From co-workers and neighbors to strangers on the street. What makes her so unique is that she’s not in it for the recognition. She leaves the people she’s helped without ever taking any recognition for it. Unfortunately that comes at a cost to her own happiness. Something she thankfully learns to fix. French actress Audrey Tautou perfectly captures Amélie’s imaginative spirit. Making Amélie a surreal romance that’s just as oddly satisfying as I hoped it would be.

4. A

Amélie enjoys cracking crème brûlée with a teaspoon

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