The Ghostface Killer

Scream 4 brought the Scream franchise back from the dead. Although it was intended to be a trilogy and 10 years past since Scream 3, there still needed to be a more satisfying conclusion. So Scream 4 ended up being a cross between a sequel and a remake. Since every famous horror movie got an unnecessary remake by this point. The opening first makes fun of never ending horror movie sequels. With multiple Stab sequels shown back-to-back starring famous actresses.

When we finally enter reality, it’s been 15 years since the first killings. Neve Campbell plays Sidney one last time. This time she returns to Woodsboro to promote her self-help book. Gale and Dewey have now been married as long as David Arquette and Courteney Cox. They’re the three untouchable characters. So the body count is left to a fresh young cast of teens obsessed with horror. Hayden Panettiere’s Kirby is the most interesting of the bunch. Together her friends discuss the rules of horror remakes: death scenes are extreme, expect the unexpected, virgins can die, modern technology is incorporated, there’s always an opening, respect the original, and be gay.

The violence is definitely more brutal, but not to the point of torture porn. While the 90’s flare of Ghostface can only work so well in the modern age. I mean everyone has a cellphone at this point. SPOILER ALERT! The killers are revealed to be Charlie and Jill. Two Sidney and Randy wannabes who crave instant fame. Charlie is a little obvious since he’s played by a Culkin, but Jill is a genuine surprise. Not only is she the first female killer to wear the costume, but she’s Sidney’s cousin as well. She’s also played by modern “Scream Queen” Emma Roberts. Scream 4 is a fitting send off for horror legend Wes Craven.

4. Scream 4

Ghostface breaks out the knife

Preceded by: Scream 3

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