Evil Has a Destiny

Halloween (2007) is the movie we all knew was coming, but nobody wanted. All the long running horror franchises would force a continuation just by remaking it. Heavy Metal singer turned horror movie director Rob Zombie decided Halloween needed remaking. The only difference is that the movie is more of a prequel/remake. Michael Myers childhood is explored for a large majority of the film’s runtime. How he became a killer, why he wears a mask, and why he doesn’t talk? Which isn’t entirely a bad idea, until you see how the hard R Rob Zombie does it.

One of the biggest problems with Halloween (2007) is his interpretation of the characters. Instead of the normal suburban home life that Michael seemed to have in the original, his family is just a bunch of redneck a-holes. His mother and baby sister are alright, but his stepfather and sister are just evil. You’d almost feel sorry for Michael if he wasn’t killing animals. After killing the people that frankly deserve it, Michael is of course sent to the institution. Malcolm McDowell gives a surprisingly good performance as Dr. Loomis. In fact, several horror actors play a part. Even Danielle Harris returns as one of the original victims.

When all that’s over, the remake pretty much plays out the same as the original. Only with more unnecessarily gruesome violence, gratuitous nudity, constant profanity, and every single character being an awful person who deserves it. Save for a few characters who come close to being good, but still die. The new Laurie is sort of likeable, but she does things that bring that into question. Tyler Mane on the other hand is a huge and intimidating Michael Myers. Halloween (2007) is just way too extreme and uncomfortable to watch. The childhood stuff at least keeps it from being a shameless rehash and slash.

9. Halloween

Michael looks at a pumpkin

Remake of: Halloween (1978) & Followed by: Halloween II (2009)

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