Till Death Do Us Part

Corpse Bride brought Tim Burton’s macabre storytelling to the altar. At only 1 hour and 18 minutes, Corpse Bride tells the quick story of a nervous fellow living in Victorian England. Victor is to marry Victoria, a woman he doesn’t know, but grows fond of when they share an affinity for the piano. A very unlikely coincidence occurs when Victor accidentally says his vows to a tree root that turns out to be a corpse bride. From there Victor is forced to choose between his blushing bride-to-be and his undead newlywed. Tim Burton obviously brings his keen eye for dark detail. Along with the stop-motion animation he loves so much. Though surprisingly, this is actually the first one that he’s directed.

It’s a common misconception that Burton actually directed The Nightmare Before Christmas. Corpse Bride is still distinguishable enough on its own. The real world is so lifeless that it’s practically black & white. Yet the underworld is so lively and full of colorful energy. It’s quite beautiful in a haunting sort of way. I regret not giving it a chance when it first came out. Although I’m still not sure why its a musical. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter (of course) help to make Corpse Bride an unexpectedly poetic creepy delight.


Victor prepares to marry Emily

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