Little High, Little Low!

Stuart Little is the tale of a little mouse with big dreams. It was based on the first children’s book by famed author E.B. White. Though it wasn’t the first to receive a movie adaptation. Stuart Little is one of many beloved movies from my childhood. I saw it in theaters and many times after on VHS. That being said, I never read the book. So I had no idea it was vastly different from the movie. Apparently the Stuart Little in the book is born to human parents and just happens to be small with a mouse appearance.

Needless to say the movie makes a lot more sense. You know as much sense as a talking mouse being adopted by human parents can make. Directed by co-director of The Lion King Rob Minkoff and co-written by M. Night Shyamalan (what a twist!), Stuart Little focuses on the Little family. A cheerful little family made up of Geena Davis, Hugh Laurie, and 90’s “it kid” Jonathan Lipnicki. While at the adoption agency, the Little’s meet Stuart. An optimistic talking mouse fittingly voiced by Michael J. Fox.

His new brother George is less than enthusiastic at first, but he warms up to him eventually. The same can’t be said for their cat Snowbell. Since that makes Stuart a mouse with a pet cat. Nathan Lane is the clear scene stealer voicing the feisty feline. Stuart has many ups and downs, but he always maintains a positive attitude. Whether he’s winning a boat race or dodging a mob of cats in a motorized toy car. Stuart Little goes to show that a little optimism goes a long way.


Stuart introduces himself

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