Little Hey, Little Ho!

Stuart Little 2 picks up 3 years after Stuart was adopted into the Little family. Since the oddity of a talking mouse has worn off, Stuart’s new problem is proving that he’s not too small to accomplish big things. Which is difficult to do with such an overprotective mother. Everything changes when Stuart meets Margalo. An adventurous young bird that crash lands into his car. One thing that Stuart Little 2 does different than the first is stick a little bit closer to the original E.B. White story.

Margalo is a book character that was previously omitted. She teaches Stuart to seize the day not knowing that she’s tied up with a villainous Falcon. Michael J. Fox and Melanie Griffith are a welcomed pair, but James Woods is a perfect voice actor no matter what he does. When Margalo disappears, it’s up to Stuart and a reluctant Snowbell to find her in the big city. Leaving George to cover for him with crazy excuses back home. Nathan Lane was funny before, but now every line Snowbell gets is hilarious.

In some ways, I prefer Stuart Little 2 to the first. I remember my theater going experience very clearly. I loved the greater emphasis on adventure. Stuart now flies in a toy airplane that he uses in a final confrontation with the falcon. Stuart Little 2 is bigger, but it never loses the heart that made this little hero such a favorite.

2. SL2

Stuart says goodbye to Margalo

Preceded by: Stuart Little & Followed by: Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild

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