You’ll Float Too🎈

It made clowns scary again. Effectively tainting the clowning industry once more. Since I hadn’t watched the miniseries at the time, I had no real opinion for there being a remake. Well it’s actually more of an official movie adaptation then a remake. When I did get around to watching the 1990 version, I was more interested in checking It out. Since the Stephen King book is 1,138 pages long, they had the clever idea to split It into 2 movies.

It Chapter One of course focuses on The Losers Club as kids. This time taking place in 1989 so that the adult stuff takes place in modern day. Derry, Maine has a serious problem that begins when Georgie sails a paper boat on a rainy day. He’s greeted by Pennywise in the storm drain. Who’s actually shown biting off his arm. In fact, the R rating makes It possible to show a lot that the miniseries didn’t. As well as have the kids swearing.

Bill Skarsgård proved to be an unexpectedly great choice to play Pennywise. He’s more ferocious with crossed eyes and a drooling mouth full of deadlights. His appearance is more Victorian in nature though he still retains his large head and bushy red hair. The Losers Club is just as good as before. Striking a unique balance between shocking horror and coming-of-age drama. There’s stuttering Bill, overweight Ben, girl Beverly, sick kid Eddie, comic Richie, black kid Mike, and cowardly Stan.

Since it’s pretty reminiscent of Stranger Things, Finn Wolfhard is the most recognizable actor. All their problems, like the one with mullet wearing bully Henry Bowers, are a lot more intense. It’s varying forms are likely to scare some. Though I only really jumped one time (the projector scene). With it’s creepy clown on full display, It reignited successful Stephen King movie adaptations.

3. It

Pennywise the Dancing Clown

Followed by: It Chapter Two

2 thoughts on “You’ll Float Too🎈

  1. And the second one .. ended it again by making it a semi PC overly long comedy that did not understand how the deadlights work and ignoring a few characters to tell a simplified story that did not pack enough punch 😦

    As much as I loved this It , Chapter 2 was so much of a let down to me.. even worse than the second part of the miniseries version did.

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