Time to Float🎈

It Chapter Two closes the book on It. Even though the adult stuff was never all that popular, there was still an excitement in seeing who would be cast for each part. The three biggest names they could secure were Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and Bill Hader. The latter of which steals every scene he’s in. As promised, It returns to Derry after 27 years. With Mike calling up Bill, Ben, Beverly, Eddie, Richie, and Stan. In order for them to honor their blood oath and face their demons. The kids do return in flashbacks.

Even with the 2 movie split, It Chapter Two still ended up being nearly 3 hours long. It meant stuffing in all the other details from the book. Except for Maturin the Turtle. The runtime didn’t bother me too much, but I agree they could have cut so much out. Like a few unnecessary side quests. Henry Bowers is pretty insignificant. Moments from the book deemed too intense were adapted as well. Like the murder of a gay man that sets It into motion. The Ritual of Chüd is utilized and so is It’s origin. Where It’s revealed to be a killer clown from outer space.

Pennywise is still the creepiest, sometimes goofiest part of the movie. Bill Skarsgård even gets a chance to show his face. One scene involving a little girl made me jump the most. Though I can say that one problem It Chapter Two does have is an unclear tone. The jokes are funny, but they often take away from the dread that we should be feeling. Then there’s the forms of It. Which are often more silly then creepy. It’s final form seems like a fair, if somewhat ridiculous compromise. Beware the deadlights. It Chapter Two ends It the way Stephen King ends most of his stories, confused.



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