You’re a Bold Kid

Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie was the movie fans deserved. After Hey Arnold!: The Movie failed to make a profit, the other planned theatrical movie was scrapped. That movie was the fabled Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie. A project that was meant to be the true finale for the 100 episode series. It was meant to answer all the show’s important questions. Like the whereabouts of Arnold’s parents or whether or not Arnold and Helga will finally end up together. Burning questions that fans had to wait a grand total of 13 years to find out!

When my brother and I found out about the unproduced Nicktoon film, we were desperate to see it get made. We almost lost hope, but thanks to 90’s nostalgia, Nickelodeon finally made it happen. Making it one of a few online fan petitions that actually worked. I still can’t believe the movie got made, that almost every voice actor returned, and that it lived up to every expectation. The movie’s TV premiere made it the #1 trending topic on Twitter.

Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie picks up right where the TV special “The Journal” left off. As Arnold wins a field trip to San Lorenzo with the help of his friends, family, and all the people he’s helped throughout the series. It’s their in the jungle that Arnold hopes to find his lost parents. It’s a surprisingly intense, yet hilarious adventure that ends with Arnold, Gerald, and Helga on their own. What they find hits you right in the feels. Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie left me feeling satisfied to have finally seen moments I only ever dreamed of.


Arnold’s friends play a movie for him

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