It’s Fun to Have Fun

The Cat in the Hat is a psycho in fact. No not the Dr. Seuss classic all full of heart, but the 2003 movie that tears it apart. If nightmares had whiskers, this would be that. Mike Myers dressed up as the eponymous cat. If you thought the Grinch was oddly risque. Then the Cat in the Hat has something to say. 61 pages were stretched out for time, while the Cat himself can’t even rhyme! So much was added yet nothing was gained. Just a creepy crude comedy that should have been tamed.

The Cat in the Hat starts just like the book. With two kids, their mom, and the walk that she took. The son is a jerk and the daughters a bore, Baldwin’s a bad guy, but don’t worry there’s more. The makeup on Myers is awkward and wrong. It’s a wonder he agreed to wear it so long. The fish is most vocal, but fun is about. The Cat makes a mess that removes all of the doubt. Thing 2 and Thing 1 are keen to have fun, though their faces are likely to just make you run.

They all leave the house, not at all like the story. Where we see the mother of all messes in all of its glory. With innuendo galore I can see why it’s hated. So call me crazy when I say that should be debated. The jokes are so bad, but hilariously random. Though probably too much for the entire Seuss fandom. The Cat in the Hat is a mess to behold. Yet bad in a way that still has me sold.


The Cat in the Hat presents Thing 1 & Thing 2

7 thoughts on “It’s Fun to Have Fun

  1. Bravo Mastermix! That was such a fun read. I loved the Seuss stories as a kid ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ten out of ten for your rip-roaring review
    Of that peculiar cat and his motley crew
    You reminded me this movie is quite ’round the bend’
    And you did so with words that all rhyme at the end.

    Liked by 1 person

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