Who is this Kid?

Home Alone 3 is not what anyone was asking for. That’s why I didn’t see it when I was younger. No Macaulay Culkin, no deal. Seeing it all these years later, I’ll at least admit that it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. Not that it isn’t far less fun without Kevin and the “Wet Bandits.” Home Alone 3 is now about some kid named Alex. He’s really smart and just the nicest kid you’ll ever meet.

Probably the biggest problem with the movie. It’s sickeningly sweet. Which normally wouldn’t be a problem with me, but there’s just no way I buy such a good kid torturing a band of criminals. It made sense with Kevin, because he was just as friendly as he was devious. The threat this time is a group of thieves trying to get a computer chip to a terrorist organization. It ends up in a toy car that’s given to Alex. Alex ends up home alone due to being sick. When his calls to the police fail, he sets traps with the help of a snowstorm and a talking bird.

These four criminals barely have a personality and its just not as fun watching them get hurt. It’s not even centered around Christmas. Although it does feature a very young Scarlett Johansson. Probably the only person who likedย Home Alone 3 more than the first 2 was Roger Ebert. Who really enjoyed it strangely enough. While I did get a few mild chuckles out of it, Home Alone 3 is just a concept without Kevin to execute it.

4. Home Alone 3

Alex eats with his family

Preceded by: Home Alone 2: Lost in New York & Followed by: Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House

2 thoughts on “Who is this Kid?

  1. I saw this when it came out, and thusly I am sliglty more negative about it myself.
    I really wanted to see this as a kid and while I have seen this about as much as the other Home Alone’s this just wasnt it for me. I’ve seen it three times I think and I still remember nothing about it. While I havent seen home alone 1 &2 that much more, I have no troubles recreating scenes from memory and remembering characters. HA3 felt like home alone light.. like as if nowadays you would have to add microtransfations to make it fun still but as is it’s in it’s freemium state.

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  2. Never seen this. I remember seeing it appear in the Global Video shelves, but I was never tempted to pick it up. But Roger Ebert likes this? I bet he’s just being a bit contrary.

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