You Dare Call Yourself Kevin

Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House is just insulting. If you don’t have Macaulay Culkin, you shouldn’t make a Home Alone movie. What’s worse this time is that they seriously try to convince you that it’s in some way connected to the first 2 movies. By using the names of every character from those much better installments. Even though this Kevin McCallister in no way compares to the original. He suddenly has only two siblings, his mom and dad are separated, and Marv looks more like Harry.

Home Alone 4 has “Kevin” flee to his dad’s fiancé’s mansion before Christmas. Where he winds up, you guessed it, home alone on a few separate occasions. Only this time in a smart house. One that a solo Marv is trying to rob with his wife Vera. French Stewart is clearly no Daniel Stern. The same can be said for every other discount actor. It goes without saying that the traps are lackluster as well. Lacking any cartoonish imagination. The made-for-TV budget fully shows. The plot is so thin that you can very easily figure out every twist and turn. Home Alone 4 wouldn’t have worked even with the original actors.

5. Home Alone 4 Taking Back the House

Kevin gets a talking to

Preceded by: Home Alone 3 & Followed by: Home Alone: The Holiday Heist

5 thoughts on “You Dare Call Yourself Kevin

  1. This Kevin should have truly stayed home alone. That includes the camera men. I remember starting this movie but I don’t think I ever finished it. Based on your review I made the right call.

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