A Child’s Been Missed

Arthur Christmas is Christmas with a British twist. After converting to computer animation with Flushed Away, Aardman Animation once again went the CGI route with Arthur Christmas. This time with Sony Animation distributing instead of Dreamworks. It’s just a bit hard to tell, since it’s the only Aardman film that doesn’t bare their usual character designs. Santa has been interpreted so many ways in media, but Arthur Christmas might be the most unique.

The North Pole is more like a military compound. The elves are like soldiers and Santa is like a general. Probably the most interesting change is that the sleigh is now a giant flying saucer. The title of Father Christmas is like a mantle passed down for generations. With the current Santa growing increasingly weary, his militaristic oldest son Steven is ready to take over. Only he’s a bit too structured for the job. His younger brother Arthur who answers all the kids mail, is much more qualified. He proves this after it’s discovered that a child’s been missed. So Arthur and his grandfather take the original sleigh and reindeer to get that one girl’s bike under her tree.

What follows is a big hearted adventure where everyone’s Christmas spirit is put to the ultimate test. Although it’s been hailed as an instant Christmas classic, I’m sorry to say I wasn’t immediately won over by it. It was funny at times, but I guess I found it to be a bit too non-traditional. I probably just need to rewatch Arthur Christmas, because I’ve grown to appreciate the moral. That it doesn’t matter how a present is given, it only matters that someone cares.


Arthur collects the mail

One thought on “A Child’s Been Missed

  1. I liked this one a fair bit and it’s definitely one of the Christmas flicks that I would be happy to watch every other year (I don’t watch too many Christmas flicks!)

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