Old, Not Obsolete

Terminator Genisys is the biggest insult in the Terminator franchise. Wiping the only two good Terminator movies out of existence was a big mistake. Yet my persistent love of the series kept me existed to see it. Not even Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 12 year (non-CGI) return as the T-800 Model 101 was enough to keep it from being a frustratingly PG-13, overly commercialized mess. The only redeeming scene is a very early opening recreation of the far superior original Terminator. Terminator Genisys shows everything that lead up to the first time travel from the perspective of future John Connor and Kyle Reese. Instead of getting clothes, the T-800 meets an older T-800. Instead of talking to a random cop, Reese encounters an Asian T-1000. The fights are fine, but the CGI has somehow gotten worse. The biggest change is Sarah Connor already being a fighter and having the T-800 as a guardian. Which is the only way to cover up having an older Arnold. The T-800 (or Pops) is way too goofy in its attempts to blend in. Jai Courtney has no charisma and looks nothing like Michael Biehn. On the other hand, Emilia Clarke is a perfect match for Linda Hamilton, but she’s too immature. What really sent me over the edge was what they did with future savior of mankind John Connor. Kyle and Sarah prevent Judgement Day by jumping forward in time. Only to find Skynet now under the guise of an app that could really use an “I.” Genisys is Skynet and I’m not kidding when I say John is the villain who becomes a freakin’ Terminator! I blame Jason Clarke’s bland performance and Alan Taylor’s lousy direction. I’ll never forgive that terrible decision. Terminator Genisys is really the Terminator movie that should be wiped from existence.

7. Terminator Genisys

The T-3000 chokes the T-800

Preceded by: Terminator Salvation & Followed by: Terminator: Dark Fate

2 thoughts on “Old, Not Obsolete

  1. I remember reading an interview with the director (I think it might have been Entertainment Weekly) where he basically said we want you to leave your minds at the door and not think about it. It was just like an admittance to me that they hadn’t thought about it either.

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