No Fate But What We Make

Terminator: Dark Fate is the first movie in the franchise to have James Cameron’s involvement since Judgement Day. Meaning it’s the only sequel people think comes closest to being a worthy follow up. My whole family ended up going to see it and enjoying it for the most part. I’m far more indifferent and borderline angered by it. But I’ll start with the positives. Terminator: Dark Fate is named after the iconic quote “There is no fate but what we make.” After two unnecessary PG-13 installments, the franchise was back to being R rated. Mostly for Deadpool director Tim Miller’s fondness for F-bombs. As well as an unobscured nude arrival for Mackenzie Davis as a cybernetically enhanced future soldier named Grace. Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger both return as an aging Sarah Connor and a very unique T-800 Model 101. Since every enemy Terminator has to top the previous Model, the Rev-9 is basically a T-1000 with an endoskeleton that can seperate into 2 bodies. Gabriel Luna shows far more deceptive tricks than previously seen. While the action feels just as gritty and fast-paced as the good old days. Now for the negatives which require a SPOILER ALERT! Terminator 2 does remain intact, but John Connor is still killed by a T-800 within minutes of Dark Fate! Which is a major slap in the face with stunning de-aging effects. It’s an even more insulting decision that damages the whole point of the first two movies. Dark Fate is practically The Force Awakens. Aging familiar faces being replaced by younger more diverse actors and renaming things instead of getting creative. Skynet is now Legion and John is replaced by young hispanic woman Dani. Dark Fate bombed and It’s easy to see why. Arnold’s multilayered T-800 Carl at least kept me invested till the end. For better or worst, Terminator: Dark Fate terminated the franchise.

8. Terminator Dark Fate

Rev-9 goes hunting

Preceded by: Terminator Genisys

One thought on “No Fate But What We Make

  1. Personally, I liked this movie. Yes, it becomes problematic as it retcons the past three Terminator sequels and just retools / repurposes the original plot (already thin to begin with), but it was still a lot of fun and perhaps felt like the best Terminator installment since Judgement Day.

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