The Tethered

Us is the long awaited second film directed by comedian Jordan Peele. The trailer was an encouraging mystery that managed to make the song “I Got 5 on it” sound haunting. Confirming Peele to be a horror director. Us is another socially conscious horror movie with black leads. While I fully understood the critical acclaim for Get Out (see that review here), Us was a different story. I can’t help but feel some critics felt obligated to call it some kind of masterpiece.

Despite problems that nobody wanted to acknowledge. Namely the overly convoluted plot. Us follows the Wilson family on vacation in Santa Cruz. The race of the family isn’t even a factor, which is cool to see. While on the trip, the family encounters doppelgängers of themselves. More twisted identical copies known as the “Tethered.” Their red jumpsuits and golden scissors made them creepy instant icons. Lupita Nyong’o gives a disturbing dual performance as both Adelaide and Red. Adelaide is traumatized by a childhood Funhouse encounter with the “Tethered.”

Red has a husky voice and is the only “Tethered” that speaks. Apart from her, the father is clueless, the daughter isn’t, and the son is weird. For me, a big problem with Us is how slow it is. There’s building tension and then there’s being boring. The surprise that there are way more doppelgängers than expected, at least kept me interested. Until one of two big twists. The underground bunker and rabbits are because of a failed government experiment to control people. It’s interesting, but doesn’t make a lot sense when you question it. Same with the second twist. I can appreciate originality, but Us was way overpraised.


The Tethered hold hands

One thought on “The Tethered

  1. The premise I think was interesting and definitely was creepy, but the big flaw in the movie (like you said) is that there’s whole lot of unanswered questions that are left unsaid or never fully explained.

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