Mommy’s Very Angry

The Lost World: Jurassic Park was sort of a no-win situation. Since it’s impossible to fully recapture the impact of Jurassic Park. Even for Steven Spielberg himself. I certainly watched The Lost World when I was younger, but it never stood out to me the same way. By no means a bad sequel, the main problem is an overly complicated plot, weak supporting characters, and a few questionable decisions. Michael Crichton wrote The Lost World due to high demand for a sequel. The title was inspired by an Arthur Conan Doyle novel that also features a hidden island populated by prehistoric creatures.

After a girl is attacked by vicious little Compies (a scene deemed too horrific for the first movie), Dr. Ian Malcolm meets with Jon Hammond. Making scene stealer Jeff Goldblum the new star of the movie. He’s told that the company that developed the dinosaurs, InGen, created them on a second island called Isla Sorna. The Lost World is more about the preservation of the dinosaurs. So Malcolm goes to rescue his girlfriend Dr. Sarah Harding who’s already on the island documenting them. Julianne Moore and a weirdly out of place Vince Vaughn are the biggest names outside of the few returning stars.

We also see some new dinosaurs that were omitted like Stegosauruses. One of Malcolm’s kids tags along as well. Kelly, his biological black daughter? Plot problems aside, The Lost World does have some terrific Spielberg moments and consistently impressive effects. There’s the mommy and daddy T-Rex searching for their child, the heart pounding overturned RV escape, Raptors running through tall grass, and a T-Rex rampaging San Diego. Even if it is very Godzilla. Although the cheesiest moment is easily Kelly killing a raptor with deadly gymnastics. The Lost World: Jurassic Park has cool set pieces, but a lack of fresh excitement.

3. The Lost World Jurassic Park

A T-Rex in San Diego

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