Evacuate the Island

Jurassic World brought the Jurassic Park franchise out of extinction. 14 years after the release of Jurassic Park III. What better year to release it than 2015. Which was pretty much the year of franchise revivals. So a sequel to a big money maker like Jurassic Park made perfect sense. Jurassic Park IV was in development hell for many years. Steven Spielberg remained a producer, but Joe Johnston didn’t return to direct. Instead mostly unknown director Colin Trevorrow eventually took over.

The main problem was story. Since there’s only so many times you can bring people back to an island full of dinosaurs. Most of the ideas are too ridiculous to imagine. One idea included a nightmarish raptor/human hybrid. What did make sense though, was the return of actors Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum. That didn’t work out. So instead they went with the “what if” idea of a dinosaur theme park actually being open to the public. The idea payed off, making Jurassic World the third highest grossing movie at the time…

5. Jurassic World

A T-Rex fights the Indominus Rex

Welcome to Jurassic World. Considering the sequels strayed a bit too far from the original, events and locations like Isla Sorna are mostly ignored. They’d have to be if people are seriously crazy enough to open the park to the public. I was certainly curious to see how that would work out. We return to Isla Nublar where Jurassic Park is renamed Jurassic World. Without Jon Hammond, Simon Masrani now oversees things. There are several advancements that bring the theme park into the modern age. Like more high tech security and an impractical glass sphere ride. There’s also baby dinosaur petting zoos and a shamu-like Mosasaurus attraction.

But like everything else in life, people are now bored with dinosaurs. So they foolishly cook up a Frankenstein-esque dinosaur called the Indominus Rex. A deadly albino creature that can do a variety of unnatural things. Apart from BD Wong’s briefly seen scientist Dr. Henry Wu, none of the original cast returns. Instead rising star Chris Pratt adds another lead role to his name. Owen Grady is a Navy veteran turned ethologist who’s taken to training velociraptors just like any other animal. An idea that’s actually pretty cool. Since it gives us a shot of him riding a motorcycle next to raptors. The raptors are named Charlie, Delta, Echo, and personal favorite Blue. InGen does return with Vincent D’onofrio trying to weaponize the raptors. Bryce Dallas Howard plays operations manager Claire Dearing. She’s the foolish one who ok’d the creation of the new dinosaur.

As expected, the Indominus Rex figures out a way to get out. This time putting innocent park goers in danger. Of course it wouldn’t be a Jurassic Park movie without young people in danger. Claire’s nephew’s Zach and Gray fill that role. Even taking a nostalgia trip through the old park. The most stand out scenes include the raptor training, Indominus Rex rampages, and Pteranodon’s attacking park goers. Although the death of Claire’s assistant is seriously over-the-top for some reason. Just like some of the comic relief moments. Jurassic World mostly benefits from an awesome climax. Which pits the Indominus Rex against a raptor and a T-Rex! Giving the iconic dinosaur its moment of glory as Bryce Dallas Howard somehow runs in heels. Jurassic World is just a fun ride that gives us all the dinosaur action we want.

6. Jurassic World

Owen Grady controls his raptors

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