Fight the Power

For the beginning of Black History Month, I decided to review Do the Right Thing. The first Spike Lee joint that I’ve seen. Although I have mixed feelings towards him, I agree this is his Magnum opus. Spike Lee directed, produced, wrote, and starred in Do the Right Thing when he was 31. He was inspired by real life race riots. Like most of his joints, Do the Right Thing takes place in New York. Brooklyn is filled with many colorful residents. Like Da Mayor, Mother Sister, or Mister Seรฑor Love Daddy.

The latter is Samuel L. Jackson narrating events as a local radio personality. It showcases many comedians, as well as many up and coming stars. Like Martin Lawrence, Rosie Perez, and Bill Nunn. Nunn stands out as a radiohead with love/hate on his hands who always blasts “Fight the Power” named Radio Raheem. Similar to 12 Angry Men, there’s a massive heat wave that makes everyone angrier. At the center of everyone’s frustration is a popular local pizzeria that Mookie works as a delivery boy. Sal and his boys Pino and Vito have varying opinions of their clientele.

Although originally written for Robert De Niro, Danny Aiello proves De Niro wasn’t the only great Italian actor working at the time. Over the course of one day, overly passionate customer Buggin’ Out questions why there aren’t black people on Sal’s “Wall of Fame.” This sparks an intense debate that shows hate from all sides. Until a riot breaks out after a cop kills one of the black citizens. I’m not sure Mookie did the right thing, but it’s complicated. It depends who you ask (“and that’s the double truth, Ruth”). Do the Right Thing is an important 80’s movie with a message. “I got it, I’m gone.”


Mookie delivers pizzas

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