The D is Silent

Django Unchained gave Quentin Tarantino a good excuse to kill slave owners. I’m starting to sense a pattern here. Much like Inglourious Basterds, Tarantino once again deals in historical fiction. Only Django Unchained was a lot more controversial. You simply couldn’t avoid hearing about the movie. Making it the third Tarantino flick I wanted to see the most. The director finally got the chance to make a genuine spaghetti western. With the added twist of taking place in the deep south before the Civil War. I knew this would be an especially tough watch considering Tarantino never holds back on anything. That’s why Django Unchained has a record 116 uses of the n-word. Controversial yes, but that’s exactly what the deep south would have been like. Jamie Foxx goes from quiet slave to confident free man as Django Freeman.

Although they appear different on the outside, Django is freed by a German dentist by the name of Dr. King Schultz. Christoph Waltz proves lightning strikes twice with another charming Tarantino performance that earned him an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Only Schultz is a far more likeable bounty hunter who takes Django under his wing. He first needs his help in finding the evil band of Brittle Brothers. In exchange, Schultz promises to help him find his oddly named wife Broomhilda von Shaft played by Kerry Washington. Their travels take them across plantations until they discover the brothers whereabouts. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t satisfying to see a former slave give slavers a taste of their own medicine.

That’s followed by a darkly hilarious group of incompetent Klansman unable to see through their hoods. Hildi is finally discovered at the Candyland Plantation. Where Leonardo DiCaprio portrays the disgustingly evil slave owner “Monsieur” Calvin J. Candie. Leo’s acting is so good that he doesn’t even stop when he cuts his hand. What’s unexpected, is Samuel L. Jackson as an old slave who loves his “master.” After a few shocking deaths, Django paints almost all of Candyland with their blood. It’s only after a distracting Tarantino cameo that he finally rescues his wife and finishes the hate filled plantation off for good. Despite its edgy material (and anachronistic music), the film rightfully earned a Best Picture nomination. Django Unchained gave one of the ugliest times in American history a hero worth rooting for.

7. Django Unchained

Django and Dr. King Schultz practise shooting

One thought on “The D is Silent

  1. I will go so far as to say that DJANGO UNCHAINED is my all-time favorite Western, for all of the reasons you noted. I’ve never been able to figure out why people romanticize a time when blacks were treated as less than animals. DJANGO is the first Western to finally get to the heart of the matter. Great summary!

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