Sex on the Beach

From Here to Eternity is the Best Picture winner that brought us the iconic moment of a man and woman kissing on a beach. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I thought I’d talk about one of the most recognized scenes in romantic movie history. Since the passionate water soaked kiss was very racy for the time. To the point that most people don’t even know what the rest of the movie is about. How surprised I was to learn that it’s a war picture. Not just that, it’s also a far more competently made movie about Pearl Harbor. The beach kiss is only a small piece of the puzzle.

From Here to Eternity actually follows a couple of World War II soldiers and their love lives. Burt Lancaster is Warden, a Sergeant who begins a scandalous affair with his commanding officer’s wife Karen played by Deborah Kerr. They fool around in secret (including kissing on a beach), but the Captain is a cheating jerk. He insistently torments Private Prewitt played by Montgomery Clift. He’s a former boogie woogie bugle boy that refuses to box in the Captain’s team.

The only thing keeping Prewitt happy is the love of beautiful club attendant Lorene and often drunk friend Angelo played by Donna Reed and Frank Sinatra respectively. Both of whom won Oscars for their performances. Ol’ Blue Eyes may or may not have gotten the role through mob connections. Along with those wins, the film was nominated in every acting category with 13 nominations overall (and 8 wins). Proving From Here to Eternity is more than just a steamy kiss on the beach.


Warden and Karen kiss on a beach

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