This One Time, at Band Camp…

American Pie 2 is basically stuck in the same position as the first movie. Unlike American Pie (which I saw twice), I didn’t immediately watch any of the raunchier and more icky sequels. American Pie 2 takes place 2 years later and everything plays out in the exact same order as before. With the same cast now in college. Jim once again has an embarrassing incident involving his parents. This time it’s him getting caught with a girl. Which is a bit funnier than before, but not every recycled joke is. Expect for Eugene Levy, who is still the funniest character.

Since school is out for the summer, the guys reunite for more sexual shenanigans. In order to keep them close, Kevin organizes a trip to a beach house. Being a scene stealer, Stifler is given an even bigger role. Although he doesn’t really contribute much other than getting turned down and then coaching his younger brother in the art of picking up babes. All the hotties from the first movie return with varying amounts of screen time. Although the nude scene this time belongs to a couple of girls that the guys mistake for lesbians. In a scene that mimics the webcam scene, only with walkie talkies. Which gets really cringy when Jim and Stifler are forced to make out. Equally cringy is Stifler being peed on at a party.

On the trip, Jim tries to improve his game before Nadia returns. It leads to an adorkable romance with band geek Michelle. Who gives him sex tips at band camp. Kevin is still hung up on Vicky after she returns with Jessica. Oz and Heather’s relationship is basically done, so they have nothing to do other than attempt phone sex. Meanwhile a more enlightened Finch still wants Stifler’s mom. Literally every story ends the same as before, to mixed results. Apart from unexpected justice for geek the Sherminator. So American Pie 2 is only for fans who don’t mind the same old same old.


Jim, Stifler, and Finch get seduced

Preceded by: American Pie & Followed by: American Wedding

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