Nice Day for a White Wedding?

American Wedding honors and obeys the rules of the previous movies, but it was pretty forgotten. Mostly because the title dropped the “Pie.” The rest of the wedding themed sequel is both familiar and different. American Wedding once again opens on Jim doing something embarrassing with his dad walking in (Eugene Levy is funny as always). Only this time it’s followed by Jim proposing to former band geek Michelle. You’d be surprised how little story there is. It’s basically Jim and his friends doing a bunch of mundane semi-sexual wedding planning.

Jim and Michelle are a cute couple, Finch tries to find the perfect woman, and Kevin has nothing to do, but at least he’s not completely omitted like Oz is. Even if he and Heather’s storyline was practically over since American Pie 2. Vicky and Jessica don’t show up either. Despite the fact that a wedding should’ve at least brought them in as cameos. Only Nadia gets a mention. Between uncomfortable meetings with the in-laws, dress hunting, and vow writing is Steve Stifler. Stifler practically hijacks the franchise with all his profane immature antics. He’s the comic relief, so it only works so well.

The Stifmeister mainly teaches Jim to dance and competes with rival Finch over who ends up with Michelle’s hot sister Candace. Played by Love Actually era January Jones. The extended nude scene belongs to a couple of strippers in a bachelor party turned funny hiding sequence. Stifler accidentally ending up in a gay bar and eating poop is too raunchy though. In the end, Stifler saves the wedding, while Finch sleeps with Stifler’s mom yet again. American Wedding embraces its guilty pleasure status to modest results.


Jim and Michelle’s wedding

Preceded by: American Pie 2 & Followed by: American Reunion

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