Reunited and it Feels So Good

American Reunion finally reunites the original American Pie cast (for better or worse). During the 9 year gap between American Wedding, the franchise settled into a rut of disposable direct-to-video movies. None of which I’ve seen, but I will review them some day. American Reunion manages to bring back everyone. Probably not difficult considering the actors haven’t been big since the late 90’s to early 2000’s. The only actor to consistently appear in all 8 films is Eugene Levy. Who’s given a bit more serious character development. Getting in on the action and surprisingly ending up with Stifler’s mom.

American Reunion isn’t the funniest sexual adventure the guys have been on. Everybody’s an adult stuck in the 90’s. As is tradition, Jim is first seen doing something inappropriate before getting caught. Only he’s the father this time. Jim and Michelle are dealing with intimacy issues, Kevin is happily married to someone who isn’t Vicky, Oz returns as a sportscaster dating a model, and Finch has become well traveled. Meanwhile Stifler is just as raunchy as ever stuck in a dead end job. They reunite for a 13 year class reunion. Where they realize they’ve become the lame adults that all the teens mock. Although Jim attracts his former babysat neighbor turned hot 18 year old who has the honor of receiving the films only nude scene.

Meanwhile Kevin’s feelings for Vicky resurface when they reconnect. Oz also reunites with his former love Heather and it’s obvious they’re meant for each other. Finch finally moves on from Finch’s mom by connecting with former band geek Selena. And let’s just say Stifler gets revenge on Finch. Of course Jessica, Nadia, and the Shermanator pop up as well. Even John Cho gets a bigger role considering how much of a star he became. American Reunion is just as awkward and somewhat satisfying as any class reunion.


The guys stare at Oz’s girlfriend

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