Renn um dein Leben

Run Lola Run fast became one of my favorite foreign flicks. With a fast paced, yet intriguing premise that speeds by at a brisk 80 minute runtime. Although I unknowingly saw multiple homages in shows like The Simpsons, it was actually my mom who first introduced Run Lola Run to my brother and I. She rented it out of curiosity back when Blockbuster still existed. I only knew that a woman with red hair was running towards something in real time. It was years before I discovered just how complex Run Lola Run was.

Lola receives a call from her boyfriend Manni about over 100,000 German marks that he’s misplaced on a subway. If he doesn’t get the money to his criminal boss in 20 minutes, he will die. Lola runs to save her lovers life, but the simple premise is given a lot more thought-provoking layers. Along with a cool and quirky visual style. Lola becomes a cartoon when her run begins. Set to an awesomely poetic late 90’s soundtrack. The most intriguing layer is how they play with time. Lola runs in three separate time loops for appropriately unexplained reasons.

The goal is always to get to her father, get the money, and save Manni. Just like real life, every tiny action affects the other. Lola’s run is always changed depending on what happens in the animated run. There’s always a woman with a stroller, a man on a bike, a homeless man, a driver, a doorman, an office girl, and an ambulance. Every interaction leads to a different future for each individual. In the end, it’s only the choices that don’t involve criminal activity that save them both. Run Lola Run has a concept that makes me appreciate my personal actions all the more.

Run Lola Run

Lola runs

5 thoughts on “Renn um dein Leben

  1. I love that movie and saw it when it came out (I was 15). And loved it ever since. I admit, I didn’t understand the many layers at first. That only came later when I was older. But yes “Lola rennt” is one of those that I always watch when it is on TV.

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  2. I still need to see this one myself. I got the Blu Ray for my Birthday one year, and I’ve been trying to find the right occasion to watch it. When I first heard about it I immediately thought “Keanu Reeves’ Speed on foot”.

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