Evil Ancestry

Hereditary might be the most overrated horror movie of the last decade. I don’t get why its been called the scariest movie since The Exorcist. I’m always interested in independent A24 films, but I didn’t really know how to react to Hereditary. The longer I waited to watch it, the more I was bombarded by people calling it top tier horror. Sure Hereditary has a creepy atmosphere and great performances, but I didn’t know why I was supposed to be scared.

Hereditary refers to evil occultish traits that are passed down to the unfortunate Graham family. They just lost their grandmother and that begins to unravel miniature model maker mother Annie. Along with the welcomed lack of forced jump scares, I agree that Toni Collette’s career best performance deserved more recognition. Everything else was an incredibly slow family drama with only the occasional unexplained creepy moment. The father Steve is just sort of there. So it’s really the pot smoking teenage son Peter facing the most abuse. His most talked about moment is his possessed classroom freak out. Alex Wolff has come a long way, but I have a hard time believing someone as tan as him is biologically related to the rest of the family.

It’s creepy kid Charlie who I was most intrigued by. With her tongue clicks and bird killing. If you’ve seen the movie, you know my intrigue doesn’t last long. Some have called newcomer director Ari Aster an auteur, I’d call him pretentious. Lingering on a decapitated head isn’t high art, it’s disgusting. I know why the endings of The Exorcist and Rosemary’s BabyΒ are disturbing, but I just don’t know how I’m supposed to feel at the chaotic end of Hereditary.


Charlie is entranced

5 thoughts on “Evil Ancestry

  1. its not really that scary, but it is incredibly filmmaking. i have a similar reaction to most a24 horror movies. not scary, but chilling and just super well done. more on their mind than the usual horror movie.
    for pure scares, i recommend watching the conjuring.

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  2. I also find this super over-rated, a lot of modern horror is more about being uneasy than about being scared and that doesn’t really do the same for me.

    It felt a bit cluttery in some places, like what happens to the dad, let alone that I think due to how things happend the son should be in more legal trouble and since its a possesion type movie I kinda had my doubt about the’ feat’ the mother does pull at the end.

    Stuff was poorly thought true, like no ons caring about a certain lost body part.. it stayed where it was for days… One woud think they’d adress that

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  3. I agree with a lot of your review. While Ari Aster is a very talented filmmaker I think the ending of Hereditary just undid so much great work he and Toni Collette had done with the story. It is scary and shocking, but the mother’s moving story of grief deserved more than the ridiculously over-the-top conclusion.

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