Super Soldier

Captain America (1990) is the crappy early attempt at a Marvel movie people forget exists. Rightfully so, because this low budget direct-to-video movie makes a mockery of the famous super soldier. Captain America is one of Marvel’s oldest characters. Having debuted in Timely comics as far back as 1941. Created by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby to help out the war effort. Captain America became Marvel’s first superhero to appear in other media. There was a 1944 serial, 2 crappy TV movies, and a catchy cartoon. Marvel needed a win against DC, but dumping him in the hands of a B movie director was a bad call.

Captain America (1990) is a complete mess with awful acting, cheesy special effects, lackluster action, horrific editing, and a costume that’s faithful, but worse than cosplay. The throwing of his mighty shield looks like a frisbee that defies all laws of physics. For some reason, Matt Salinger (son of J.D. Salinger) plays Steve Rogers/Captain America. His only qualification is being blonde since he can’t act to save his life. Steve is an already fit guy with polio living in California. Bernie Rosenthal from the comics is his girlfriend from the 40’s.

Steve volunteers for the procedure that makes him Captain America and they make a point of saying he’s no Superman. So it’s ironic that Ned Beatty appears in both movies. Red Skull is a terrible looking Italian Nazi who covers up his deformity for the entirety of the present. Cap is strapped to a rocket and frozen in ice. Waking up to thongs and Bernie’s 90’s daughter Sharon (not Carter). The not Red Skull is a mob boss who kidnaps the President for the environment or whatever. With a score of 7%, Captain America (1990) has the lowest Marvel movie score on Rotten Tomatoes. Now it’s only remembered as a weird novelty in the age of the MCU.

Captain America

Captain America speaks with the President

P.S. Since copies are scarce, I’ve supplied the full movie underneath.

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