Alien Anatomy

Earth Girls Are Easy is something I’ve been putting off for a long time. Since I’m honestly not sure what I got out of it. Until I realised I shouldn’t overthink the very colorful 80’s cheesiness. Earth Girls Are Easy is based on a song from Julie Brown. Which details the sexual encounter between an alien and a valley girl. As the title suggests, every single female character in Earth Girls Are Easy is sexualized. All with ample cleavage, bikinis, and skimpy outfits that set the lightweight tone. Along with excessively 80’s pop songs including one about dumb blondes on the beach.

So Earth Girls Are Easy is obviously meant to be dumb fun. Geena Davis is valley girl Valerie Gail. A sexually repressed woman dating a cheating doctor. Her world turns upside down when three hairy blue, yellow, and red aliens crash their ship in her pool when she’s sunbathing. The aliens are all weird, random, and learn English through TV. Underneath they’re good looking guys. They’re attracted to the hairless Earth women. Spending the entire movie picking them up at nightclubs, gawking at them on the beach, and discovering they’re “compatible.”

With all the scantily clad women, I’m surprised they went with a PG rating. Jeff Goldblum stars alongside his real life wife for the second time. There’s just a happier ending for them this time. Damon Wayans and his very young In Living Color co-star Jim Carrey are the other aliens. Despite everyone’s reputation, the jokes didn’t really land for me. But Earth Girls Are Easy is still an enjoyable 80’s time capsule with intergalactic wackiness and hotties galore.


Valerie meets the aliens

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