Off to the Ranch

Dr. Dolittle 3 is the first of 3 direct-to-video Dr. Dolittle movies without Eddie Murphy. I’m not sure if he was ever supposed to return, but he was a little busy making Dreamgirls. I don’t normally watch low quality straight to DVD sequels to popular movies, but I decided to give Doctor Dolittle 3 a chance. It’s the only one of those I’ve seen more than once.

Doctor Dolittle 3 now stars Kyla Pratt as John Dolittle’s daughter Maya. She was the only choice since Raven-Symonรฉ was a little busy making That So Raven. Although Maya has sort of dropped her oddness in favor of wanting to be a normal teen. She’s inherited the ability to speak to animals like her father and sister, but a monkey related incident forces her to be sent to a ranch. Along with Kristen Wilson as her mother, Norm Macdonald as Lucky is the only other returning character. This time Lucky’s subplot is keeping an eye on Maya and romancing a country dog.

Dr. Dolittle 3 has a very clichรฉ save the farm plot. Along with a cast of paper thin teens. There’s the mean girl who doesn’t like the protagonist for no reason, the fat guy who only wants to eat, and a clumsy redhead. Maya hides who she is from everyone including a handsome ranch hand. It’s only when she finds out about the financial troubles that she uses her abilities to influence the animals in a rodeo competition. Although Dr. Dolittle 3 is nothing special, I like Kyla Pratt too much not to at least find it watchable.

4. Dr Dolittle 3

Maya Dolittle encourages Butch

Preceded by: Dr. Dolittle 2 & Followed by: Dr. Dolittle: Tail to the Chief

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