Snake Goes Hollywood

Escape from L.A. is a little too Hollywood in terms of John Carpenter productions. But Snake Plissken became an icon and Kurt Russell wanted to play him again. So a sequel was manufactured for the high concept Escape from New York. Escape from L.A. now takes place in the distant future of 2013. Since it was 15 years since Snake escaped the supermax New York City. Now he’s somehow wound up in the exact same situation with a few minor differences.

Los Angeles has become a sinful wasteland that’s plunged partway into the ocean due to earthquakes. Cliff Robertson’s President has been made a permanent President after his prediction proved correct. His response is declaring all immoral citizens be deported to the L.A. island for life. I’m not saying it’s not plausible, but it is heavy handed. Instead of rescuing the President, Snake is ordered to take out the President’s free spirited daughter who’s dating a revolutionary terrorist. While at the same time retrieving a black box containing an EMP switch (instead of a tape). Snake still has a time limit, a bomb in his head, and the gotcha ending is almost exactly the same.

The main plus is that Snake sees way more action this time around. The only problem is Carpenter’s attempt at CGI. Which hasn’t aged well. Neither has the movie’s reliance on extreme 90’s action. Snake literally surfs a CGI tidal wave, hang glides from the Hollywood sign, and plays a life or death game of basketball. Escape from L.A. has some intriguing concepts and an interesting sequel set up, but it’s not enough just to change the city.


Snake Plissken emerges from an explosion

Preceded by: Escape from New York

9 thoughts on “Snake Goes Hollywood

  1. As much fun as it was seeing Snake in action again, this definitely wasn’t as good as the original. It’s been a long while since I last saw this movie, so many details are fuzzy (including how bad the CGI was), but I will take your word for it 😊 I know there have been talks about making a third one, but like so many movie rumored movie projects, this is one that probably won’t see the light of day😊

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  2. A huge disappointment. Peter Fonda’s groovines and Cliff Robertson’s class are the only things I enjoyed. Carpenter lost his “mojo” in the 1990s — I’m not surprised that he retired not long after.

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