I Say a Little Prayer for You

My Best Friend’s Wedding is like most rom-coms with Julia Roberts. Except there’s a twist that elevates it into something less common, but more special. My Best Friend’s Wedding centers on the wedding of food critic Jules’ lifelong best friend Michael. Things got romantic once before, but they chose to remain close friends instead. Until the news of the wedding brings her feelings back up. Although Jules is the lead, she is technically the bad guy. Julia Roberts is just too charming to come across as unlikable.

Jules does everything in her power to call off the wedding and have Michael fall in love with her. The only snag is that Michael’s rich fiancé Kimmy is practically perfect. We have Cameron Diaz’s bubbly performance to thank for that. Jules’ scheming starts off soft by trying to humiliate Kimmy, then she goes a step too far by manipulating his job. She even has her gay editor friend George pose as her fiancé. Rupert Everett steals every scene by milking the situation every chance he gets.

The main reason I knew about the movie was the infectious impromptu song number he performs in the middle of dinner. I just never knew the context of the scene. Dionne Warwick’s “I Say a Little Pray (For You)” has My Best Friend’s Wedding to thank for its renewed popularity. Jules eventually professes her love for Michael and although you’d think they’d end up together, this ain’t that kind of rom-com. Since life doesn’t always work out that way. My Best Friend’s Wedding is more about personal growth and making you laugh all the way through.

My Best Friends Wedding

Jules invites Kimmy to sing

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