So Who’s Getting Married?

Wedding Crashers brought back the raunchy R rated adult comedy. Becoming a rare comedy that was a major box-office success. I remember it being a big hit when it came out, but I was obviously too young and not the biggest fan of those kinds of comedies. Seeing it years later I wish I’d seen it earlier, because Wedding Crashers is hilarious. The Frat Pack duo of Owen Wilson & Vince Vaughn are at the top of their game. They play John & Jeremy respectively.

They’re a pair of partying divorce mediating wedding crashers who get a thrill from drinking the free booze and scoring chicks. Something people of course do in real life, but it’s sleazy whatever the intention is. Although the wedding crashing doesn’t make up the entire movie. Since John starts to get second thoughts about the lifestyle. Wilson is more the straight man while Vaughn does his motormouth thing and takes the most abuse. At the wedding of a high profile secretary’s daughter, John falls for his other daughter played by Rachel McAdams. While Jeremy hooks up with the remaining daughter played by Isla Fisher.

John develops a meaningful connection with Claire that’s only a problem due to her colossal douche of a boyfriend Sack played by pre-fame Bradley Cooper. Meanwhile, Jeremy deals with the clingy nympho Gloria. Then again almost every member of their family are sex crazed psychos. Fisher is a major scene stealer, but it’s Will Farrell’s unexpected cameo that takes the wedding cake. In the end, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Wedding Crashers didn’t rely on profanity and that the raunchiness didn’t take away from a genuinely believable message of love & friendship.

Wedding Crashers

John (left) and Jeremy (right) crash a wedding

2 thoughts on “So Who’s Getting Married?

  1. There are few movies I’ve laughed harder at. So many memorable scenes. Will Ferrell’s cameo, yes. And Christoper Walken really balances the outrageous humor with his placid, minimal style. Thought he was perfect as the dad.

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