Send in the Clones

The 6th Day presents the question, what if scientists were successfully able to clone a human being? An ethical question that will clearly never become a reality. At least not in the way it’s always been depicted in sci-fi. The 6th Day is named after a passage from Genesis in the Bible. Since God created man on the sixth day of creation. The movie itself uses the passage as the moral reason why cloning humans is illegal.

In the distant future of 2015, animals are commercially cloned in a messed up process called RePet. Now you never have to explain death to a child. There are also sexy virtual girlfriends, holograms, self-driving cars, and creepy realistic robot dolls. I’m sure I would’ve known it existed, but I only watched The 6th Day for Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was his first action film of the 2000’s. Arnie can always enhance a generic role, but that can only go so far sometimes. His character, of course named Adam, is unknowingly cloned during an eye examine.

Clones can be identified by dots under their eyelids. He wakes up to find a clone with his wife and daughter. Adam is promptly marked for death by the company that illegally made the clone. A young Terry Crews makes his debut playing one of the assassins. There are gun fights, car chases, and mostly standard fight scenes. Along with a few good Arnie zingers. Having him cloned means two Schwarzenegger performances for the price of one. The 6th Day has a genuinely interesting premise, but not always the best material to make it stand out.

The 6th Day

Adam gets cloned

4 thoughts on “Send in the Clones

  1. Well…as you know I’m always a fan of Arnold flicks, and while I certainly wouldn’t call this one of his best, it was still enjoyable enough to watch I guess 😊 And who knows? Maybe in the distant future cloning will become a possibility…although I don’t think the world is ready for two of me (hell…I’m not even ready for that😂). Fun post as always!


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