Shark Island

The Shallows is one of the best shark attack movies not named Jaws. I genuinely didn’t know what to expect from a survival movie like this. Shark attacks had been done so many times and it’s always tricky to pull off a great lone star movie. I also hadn’t seen Blake Lively in enough to know whether she could pull off a role like this. My mom was actually the one who recommended The Shallows. After seeing it on TV and calling it one of the best survival movies she’s seen.

The Shallows was a summer success and that was enough for me. I do appreciate the fact that Blake Lively had an acclaimed film the same year as her husband. The Shallows has the simple premise of a medical student named Nancy going surfing in a special, if secluded beach paradise. The location is beautiful and seeing Blake Lively in a bikini is an added bonus. But a tropical paradise can quickly become a nightmare. As a great white shark attacks the shallow water.

Resulting in Nancy injuring her leg, locals being devoured, and the shark staying close by due to a whale carcass. Leading to a nail biting fight for survival where Nancy has to put her medical training to work and use what little she brought with her. Fortunately a scene stealing injured seagull keeps her company. The final face off is an intense blood in the water fight to the death that makes the whole ordeal worth it. The Shallows is far from your typical creature feature.


Nancy is stalked by a shark

4 thoughts on “Shark Island

  1. โ€œ and seeing Blake Lively in a bikini is an added bonusโ€ You will get no argument from me there๐Ÿ˜‚ Seriously though I completely agree with you. This was a really good film, and I was fortunate enough to see it in theatres back in the day when it came out. I love creature feature films anyway, even the low budget ones, but this is certainly a memorable one. Great post!

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