One Man Army

Rambo: First Blood Part II does a complete 180. Shifting from personal anti-war drama to off the wall war fueled action in an instant. Really it’s Part II that people are referring to when they think 80’s action hero John Rambo. In all his muscular, guntotting, shirtless, red headband wearing glory. With Rambo not killed off, Sylvester Stallone was free to make the sequel. This time writing most of the script himself. Along with the unexpected screenplay credit of James Cameron. You can tell where his influence came in, but this is still a mark on his career.

Since Part II won the Razzie for Worst Screenplay, Worst Actor, Worst Original Song, and even Worst Picture. Yet the sequel is the one with the biggest lasting impact. John Rambo is released from prison with the promise of being pardoned in exchange for assisting in the post-Vietnam War POW/MIA crisis. Colonel Trautman is there to oversee the mission along with U.S. government officials. With strict orders not to interfere, Rambo wastes no time rescuing a prisoner. Joining him is lovely Vietnamese contact/love interest Co Bao. When his own men betray his trust and the woman he loves is killed, Rambo really becomes a one man army.

Shooting down any Vietnamese or Soviet forces in his way. Fighting by air in a helicopter, by sea on a boat, and by land running through the jungle. Seeing Rambo shoot down a helicopter with a rocket launcher and blow up an enemy with a bow & arrow is just too awesome not to enjoy. You can tell Stallone wrote Rambo’s final speech since it’s the same kind of cringy message found in the equally ridiculed Rocky IV. Rambo: First Blood Part II is one of the best mindless action flicks you’ll ever see.

2. Rambo the First Blood Part II

John Rambo prepares for war

Preceded by: First Blood & Followed by: Rambo III

2 thoughts on “One Man Army

  1. I don’t care what critics say…I loved this movie lol! As you say it’s one of the best mindless action flicks you’ll ever see, and that’s totally true! It’s nonstop action, totally ridiculous at times, but so much fun. And one just has to love his bow with the exploding arrows. Another movie, just like part 1, which I have seen way too many times to count😊

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