The Kill Count Rises

Rambo III brings back everyone’s favorite one man war hero. By this point, the very R rated John Rambo has appeared in comics, video games, and even the animated kid’s show Rambo: The Force of Freedom. The 80’s were an interesting time, but Rambo: First Blood Part II was just that popular. Sylvester Stallone is back and more jacked than ever. He’s still a co-writer, but this time he only managed to win Worst Actor for Rambo III.

This time all the action is taken from the Vietnam jungle to the Afghanistan desert. Now focusing on the Soviet-Afghan War that took place at the time. With his freedom in tact, John Rambo attempts to live a quiet life in Thailand. With the occasional stick fight here and there. Unfortunately his old friend and commanding officer Colonel Trautman just can’t stop coming to him with missions. Rambo refuses to join Trautman in Afghanistan, but goes in to save him when he’s captured. Agreeing to the embassy’s terms to go in alone. You’d actually be surprised at how long it takes for Rambo to do any killing.

When he does, Rambo wastes no time raking up the body count by knife, by gun, or by any means necessary. Rambo’s war on the Soviets sees him team up with Trautman and Afghan fighters as well. Giving Richard Crenna the most screen time he’s had since Trautman is now part of the action. If you thought Part II was insane, Rambo fires turrets on enemies, rides a horse, blows up a helicopter with a bow & arrow, and rams a tank into a gunship. Rambo III delivers a just as explosive end to Rambo’s 80’s adventures.

3. Rambo III

John Rambo fights alongside Colonel Trautman

Preceded by: Rambo: First Blood Part II & Followed by: Rambo

4 thoughts on “The Kill Count Rises

  1. The cartoon was actually a lot of fun. I really enjoyed that one (even though of course the action is toned down, and honestly itโ€™s completely insane that an R-rated movie series gets made into a kidโ€™s show).
    I had a lot of fun with this movie too. Like you say, the action is completely over the top and totally insane, but that only adds to the fun!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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